A, B, 3, 4, and E

May 07, 2022

The puzzler today is a multiple choice puzzler.
I am going to pose a question and then I'm going to suggest five possible answers, like A, B, 3, 4, and E. And you will have to pick the right answer.

And if you guess, you have a 20% chance of being right. So at least, there's that! 

Okay. Here's the question. It is an interesting question, and the answer is even more interesting. No cheating using the internet now...

When did the first Volkswagen roll off the assembly line? Not fall off, but actually roll-off. When was the first one produced?

I'm gonna give you the following dates. Multiple choice. 

A: 1967 
B: 1936
3: 1939
4: 1945
E: 1949

Interesting dates here. And remember, no cheating.




When did the first Volkswagen fall or roll off the assembly line?

This was a multiple-choice question. One choice was 1967... Yeah, we know that's wrong. Cross that off. We had to put in a few silly ones. There are a lot of other possible answers, but they're all wrong, except 1945.

The answer's 1945. The Type 1 Volkswagen was made in 1945. There was a KdF-Wagen produced in 1938, but that doesn't count. 

The year 1949 is worth mentioning though. That was the first year that Volkswagens were imported into the United States. There were two of them. And if you have one of those it might be pretty valuable.

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