An Automotive Poison Dart

Aug 31, 2009

RAY: I was in the jungle in South America and I had to remove a poison dart from my index finger. I had out my Swiss Army Knife, and I was doing a little surgery on my finger. And as I was about to put my Swiss Army Knife away, I noticed that it has on it the symbol of the Swiss flag, which is a white cross. And I realized that a certain automotive logo comes from this.

TOM: You might say a stylized version of the Swiss flag.

RAY: So the question is what automotive company uses the Swiss flag? And how come?
RAY: Here's the answer. They're both wearing their gray travel uniforms.

TOM: Ohh, they're both not at home.

RAY: Now, if the picture were taken at Fenway Park for example, where Ted Williams played, he'd be wearing his white home uniform, and Joe would be wearing his gray Yankees uniform.

TOM: Or vice versa.

RAY: Exactly and Joe would be wearing his pin stripes, and Ted would be wearing his gray uniform that just says Boston on it. But they're both wearing uniforms that say they're both on the road. The All-Star game that year was played at Ebbets Field in New York.

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