An Assembly of Assemblies

Apr 12, 2022

Now it's time to go to our endeavor again, our nouns of assembly endeavor.
We're looking for nouns of assembly, multitudinous nouns. We are still looking for these.

I wanted to narrow it down so people wouldn't send me like 45,000 different possibilities. Actually, I liked them all. I propose that we specialize, we concentrate on groups of people who have, basically, a sleazy, less than wholesome reputation. 

We mentioned the ones that we're always in love with. Judges, lawyers, automobile mechanics. Things in Automotive are what people seem to be sending in like a dent of fenders. That's pretty good! Well, anyway, if you want to participate in our endeavor, we will pick our favorites. 

We can have categories!

We don't know what the categories are going to be. Once we have assembled all the assembled nouns. We will have an assembly of assemblies.
So if you want to participate, send your entries of assembled nouns.

Very important to write your entry on the back of a $20 bill.

No, wait, a $50 bill. Yeah, $50 is better.



Recently, I've been engaged in an endeavor. This endeavor is the nouns of assembly endeavor. 

And today, after much debate, study, deliberation, we have some of the best, most clever entries to share with you. There may be more in weeks to come. The flood of mail is just unbelievable. It is overwhelming. You might say that this little endeavor has captured the imagination. I went through literally hundreds of these entries, and I chose what I thought were either the cleverest or the cutest or the most intelligent entries.
Here we go. 

A Staph of Doctors. I like that. That's really clever.
One woman sent in a bunch of entires. A Brace of Seatbelts. A Bevy of Chevys. An Enragement of GM Customers. A Hodgepodge of Dodges. 
And here is another entry, and one of my favorites. A Score of Composers.
A few more. A Slick of Exxon Executives. A Clog of Plumbers. A Facade of Politicians.

And my favorite, a Drool of Used Car Salesmen. 

There were a few really good ones submitted online in the past few days. I'm so proud of all of these. 

A Crash of Stockbrokers from fan Joe J.

A Smirk of Puns from fan Nick S.

A Sneak of Weasels from fan Frank P. 

A Shaker of Salt-Truck Drivers from fan Stan J.

An Orbit of Saturns! Submitted with no name. Well, no name, we love this one!


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