$4.59/Gallon Gas

Apr 27, 2002

RAY: I was on a holiday recently and my car was in need of petrol.

I was on a secondary road, and I turned into a self-service gas station. I pulled up to one of the minipumps, and absentmindedly reached for the nozzle.

I was just about to fill up my tank, when I happened to notice that the gasoline was a little expensive.

In fact, it was $4.59 a gallon. I said, "Whoa. What kind of vehicle uses this stuff?"

I looked around. There was a vehicle on the lift and I knew immediately why this gasoline was $4.59 a gallon. I went to one of the other pumps and filled up with the cheaper stuff.

Here's the question: What did I see?


TOM: Well, there goes my answer.

RAY: What was your answer?

TOM: That you were in a foreign country.

RAY: But you know I hadn't gone any place -- how can I have been in a foreign country if I hadn't left the country? What I saw on the lift was a car that had numbers on it...

TOM: A racecar.

RAY: Its doors were welded shut, and it had no glass. It was in fact a racecar. And this guy must have been the local gas station where all the racecar drivers -- there must have been a track nearby -- came to get their gas. This gas was 110 octane.

TOM: Really, 110 octane.

RAY: 110 octane. Pretty good, huh?

TOM: That's good.

RAY: Do we have a winner?

TOM: Yeah. The winner is Sean Duffy from Flagstaff, Arizona.

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