Yuri Geller, Watch Out!

Dear Tom and Ray,

As a devoted listener for a long time, I have observed something that raises a question in my mind. Almost invariably, when one of those "tough" questions is asked, there will follow a short period of quiet thought processing and then the answer will come--from Ray! In each of these cases, Ray will come up with something erudite, insightful, and profound while Tom's contribution will be along whistle and maybe a verbal "Wow!" This leads me to a question that gives me great pain to formulate in my mind but which I cannot escape: Does Tom know anything? Should this just be the Click show, or does Clack (or should that be Cluck?) have anything to contribute?

As I said before, it gives me great pain to contemplate this because, as an older brother myself, I know that the elder brother is always mentally enhanced. Since this is always true, it leads me to the only possible conclusion: Tom is sending these answers to Ray by ESP! Then, being the gentleman that he is, he allows his younger brother to look good by not saying anything about his psychic contributions! This shows that Tom is a genius of the first order and deserving of a simultaneous "hurrah" from older brothers everywhere!! I know this must be the answer. I feel much better about the whole situation now.

I'll keep listening for your great discourses on car repair and anyother random subject that comes along!

Don McGohan
Osceola, AR