A Yugo... in the living room?

From: Joshua

I am certain that your in box is filled with stories about Yugos, but perhaps one more about a positive aspect of this unique vehicle.

I lived in a rough neighborhood of Philadelphia during my junior year of college in a house with four other guys. One of the guys owned a Yugo and kept it parked on the street. A problem arose because we lived across the street from a bar frequented by the locals. (Now in college, I acknowledge, this is not usually a "problem," but we drank at a bar down the block.) Every night at closing time, the patrons of this bar thought it would be great fun to tip over the Yugo. And every morning, we would have to go out and tip the car back.

This problem was solved by bringing the car into our living room every night. The house had a great big double front door, and five guys could move the car with little trouble. So in defense of the Yugo, I ask: With how many cars could you ask, "Did you remember to bring in the car?"

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