The Wonderful World of Autolinguistics

Several weeks ago, we were discussing new words that were created by combining existing words to meet an unmet need for expression. Well, some of our listeners came up with some of their own having to do specifically with cars.

Here are a few:

Bill suggested:
Autolingerers - Husbands who stretch out their weekend errands so that they can listen to the entire Car Talk show on their car radios.

Cynthia Beebe came up with:
Carcophony - The raucous and irrepressible racket when Click and Clack start to laugh on Car Talk!

Someone named Kit suggested:
Carbeque - A cooked car.

Here's a few more we found at a site called
Autochondriac - A person who always thinks something is wrong with his car.

Fartfignugan - Releasing gas in a small German automobile.

Fratulence - The tendency of brothers to encourage one another in vulgar behavior.

Nagivate - One who incessantly assists with directions in an overly critical manner.

Stoptional - Traffic stop signs that you choose not to obey.

Carbage - The trash found in your car.

And a few from our staff:
Guiltcasting - Endlessly reminding you that the radio station you're listening to requires donations to stay afloat.

Automatopoeia - Trying to make the noise your car makes so you can get onto Car Talk.