Of Women and Wedgies

From: Oluseun Augustus

I'm 27 years old and I've never heard such a fallacy as I heard today on your show. I'm a girl; and my sisters, my girlfriends, and I have been giving and receiving wedgies for as long as I can remember. In fact, your show prompted my roommate to prove you wrong, and I am now suffering from a wedgie as we speak. Thanks a lot Click and Clack!


Los Angeles, CA

From: Carolyn Bunkley


Who says women don't give wedgies? WE CERTAINLY DO!!! The reason we don't GET so many is because A) Feminine undies, being of more delicate fabric, tend to rip before the wedgie can be completed, B) we don't usually wear undies that are visible above the waistband of our jeans, and 3) those that ARE visible are generally the kind that are already tucked in there on purpose.

You also forgot to mention the Flying Wedgie. In this form, the Wedgie-ee is lifted off the ground during the wedgie. The greater the height, the more talented the Wedgie-er. In a slightly more humane version, the Wedgie-er can hold the neck of the Wedgie-ee's shirt with one hand while administering said wedgie with the other. Then there's the Atomic Flying Wedgie, too awful to contemplate...

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