Where Our Answers *Really* Come From!


I have a fairly amusing story that concerns you two guys. Last winter while surfing with my remote, I came across the "public access" channel and a local guy named Sri Harold Klemp (also known to devotees as the"ECKMASTER") who is the founder of an Eastern-style religion called Eckankar. Eckankar has a headquarters here and Mr. Klemp gives weekly addresses there that are rebroadcast on TV. I was about to go on browsing when he suddenly started talking about Click and Clack and explained that one of you is in contact with the Holy Spirit.

The story involved a call you took on the air about a guy who had a chronically unsound muffler on his van. He mentioned that he was in a band, and one of you (he couldn't remember which) asked where the band practiced. It turned out that the loud volume was the cause of his many-mufflered troubles, since the band rehearsed in the van itself. He was extremely impressed with the insight of whichever of you figured this out, and he attributed it to a link with the Holy Spirit. I have never heard of divine intervention in auto mechanics, except for once when I saw a guy faith-heal a VW bug. Incidentally, he was quick to point out that the other brother did NOT have these incredible powers, but he said he still enjoyed listening to BOTH of you anyway.

Todd Dugdale

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