What the Unmotivated Are Doing for You

Who are the unmotivated? Are they losers who just don't get it, who refuse to hold a job, or join the human rat race? The unmotivated are, in fact, people who do get it, who know it's all a scam, who refuse to be led by corporate and religious wranglers to the slaughter.

It takes great will and integrity to remain unmotivated in the face of society's constant motivational assault: Work hard,follow the rules, fulfill your potential, keep up with the Jonesor the Patels, believe in this deity or that deity. Success forthe vast majority of us would be achieving less than 1% of whatthe people behind the scams already have and want to keep usfrom ever having. The haves promote delayed gratification to thehave-nots. You'll go to heaven when you die. You'll be able todo everything you always wanted to when you retire. The more gratification we delay the more gratification the haves enjoy today.

There is no greater struggle for the human race than to remain unmotivated. Only through lack of motivation can we crush thisevil scheme that keeps us chained to our jobs, mortgages and fears. Fear is a big motivator—fear of failure, fear of being different, fear of being alone. Fear keeps us in bondage. Society provides comfort and structure, but it's a shell game, a carrot on a stick, the old bait-and-switch.

The rebellion is already taking place. It's happening with the gal in the next cubicle who is always on break, the pizza guywho never delivers a hot pie, and the customer service rep who doesn't bother acting like he cares. There will be no shot heard around the world, only the quiet but willful voices of those saying, "No thank you," to buying into the lie. These people are our heroes, not the overhyped celebrities, athletes and "stars"created by the media. Knock them off their pedestals! Better yet stop building pedestals. Why is the ability to look beautiful on TV and push hair conditioner more valuable than the ability toshovel manure from a stall? When push comes to shovel, it's alljust different manure. Freedom is only an unproductive day away.

Allen Chan
Newark, CA

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