What Nuns Drive

From: Paula Kleine-Kracht

Dear Tom and Ray,

Last Saturday, August 21st, I listened to your radio show while house cleaning. I was impressed with your response to a caller who was asking about the type of car his former wife should buy. Apparently, she was a very nice looking woman and wanted a car to enhance her appearance and even attract attention to her beauty. The caller asked you to identify the extremes of cars, so that his ex could choose something in between. So he asked what would a "nun" buy and what would a "foxy lady" buy.

Being a nun myself, I listened with interest to your response, and let me tell you that you were right on the mark. In my religious order, nearly everyone is driving a Ford Focus. Of course, they are, as you noted, cheap cars, and we are a frugal group of women. I would also point out to you that my community has an unbelievably accurate record of buying cars that are going to be discontinued. Case in point: in my years as a sister, I have driven a Dodge Omni, Ford Tempo, and am currently driving a Ford Escort. All of the above have been discontinued. I believe that we have put the "hex" on the Focus by our investment in them. Mark my words.

Lastly, I want you to know that when you rated the Ford Mustang at the opposite end of the spectrum, you were again very accurate. Unfortunately, your comment only reminded me of the type of temptations most of us religious hope we will face with time, but never really do. Driving a Mustang ranks right up there with sleeping in a double bed. Thanks for your show and the good time you provide to us listeners.

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