Welcome Tommy Rae

Karen L.
Micanopy, FL 32667

Car Talk
Car Talk Plaza
Cambridge (Our Fair City), MA 02238

Dear Tom and Ray:

Please excuse the extreme tardiness of this letter. I know how much you love to read your mail and I really should have sent this letter two years ago.

You see, two years and four months ago I was greatly pregnant. I was quite sure the child would be a boy and only had a boy's name selected. My very practical husband kept insisting on a girl's name too, just in case. Well, it was two weeks before the mythological due date, a Saturday morning, in fact. About 11:00. Right after your show. Once more, my husband brought up the discussion of a girl's name, just in case. At 9:00 I had been at the veterinarian's office and my dear cat, Tom, was euthanized. Then from 10:00 to 11:00, as usual, I listened to your wonderful show (there are more than six of us out here listening) (89.1 FM, WUFT Gainesville). So, grieving for my cat, Tom, and on a high from listening to you two, when my husband suggested "Tommie Rae" if the baby was a girl, I agreed. I was sure in my heart of hearts that we would not need that name.

God has a sense of humor. 

Keep up the good work.

No, the potential boy's name was not Thomas Ray. Sorry.


Karen L.

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