We Hear from Lea's 'Rents

We got this a while ago. But, since we just had our pal Lea back on the show, we thought you'd like to see this letter from her folks.

--Tommy and the Lackeys of cartalk.cars.com

October 14, 1996

Ivan Brown and Nan Frey, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Dear Tappet Brothers and Staff,

I would like to thank you all for your thoughtful response to our daughter Lea's letter last week. What a positive experience for a young adult, and I am thankful for the insightful messages she received. We are amazed that she chose the Tappet Brothers to reach out to, but considering your response she chose wisely. It is even more amazing that we totally agreed with your advice.

It is unfortunate that children do not come with owner's manuals; otherwise we may have been aware of the difficulty many children have when they leave the nest for their freshman year, and possibly we could have prepared Lea better for the experience. Many parents now tell us that their children had a very difficult first semester or year due to homesickness, the challenges of change, self-imposed pressures, and in some cases the immense workloads imposed by some schools. It is unfortunate that more parents are not aware of the stresses our children often face during this transitional time oftheir lives--stresses that too often produce tragic results.

What wonderful ambassadors you are for your fair city! I have previously maintained a low opinion of your area based on several bad experiences with the rage displayed on the local highways and the surly bartenders. Coming from an island in Washington State, I am easily overstimulated by urbane nvironments, and I find myself ill-equipped to deal with the intense driving style in your area. My first time flying into Logan I rented a car, which required me to cross four lanes of an oval track to get to my exit. I can't tell you how many laps it took to cross those four lanes, as no one would allow me to merge. Around and around I went until I realized that drastic and aggressive driving technique was required. Ignoring the hand gestures and screeching metal, I did eventually make the exit. Now when business takes me to Boston I land at Portland, Maine, and head south. Your considerate attention given to Lea forces me to reevaluate my opinion of your area and its inhabitants.

Sincerely, many thanks from my family to the entire staff of Car Talk.

Ivan Brown and Nan Frey

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