Wasting Another Perfectly Good Hour Not

Wasting another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk

From: Chris Ruhl

Dear Mr. Berman,

As the Producer of Car Talk you must have major decision-making authority as to the shows' content. I have listened to Car Talk for many years and agree with many others that it is one of the best programs on radio.

I must take issue though with the ending of every show where the hosts state that, "Well, you've wasted another perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk."

The wonderful thing about radio is that the listeners are free to pursue other activities while the show is on. I have built several decorative privacy fences for myself and my neighbors, a 120-sqft barn for yard equipment storage, French drain, large patio deck and other projects while listening to Car Talk. I have become a fairly good weekend carpenter because of this automotive advice radio program.

I must say that I have never "wasted" an hour listening to your program and, in fact, it has helped me develop better than average woodworking skills.

Thank you very much.

Chris Ruhl

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