Volvo Dope Slap

I was recently traveling on vacation with my wife and two sons, 10 and 12. Werented a family size car from Hertz and were lucky enough to be assigned afairly new Volvo S80. A very nice car (with a totally unexpected feature), but one I may find mandatory on future purchases. This car came with a Remote Dope Slap button.

Having two sons, who are frequently in need of a dope slap. My usualmethod is to turn around in my seat (while driving) and manually administer the necessary slap. Volvo, known for implementing the latest safety features, has proven that modern technology knows no bounds. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this model of car comes with the ability to administer a dope slap to the back seat occupants with the push of a button.A row of buttons, just below the radio, includes one with a pictureof the back seat and a headrest. When pushed, the back seat headrests drop down, administering a dope slap to the top of the head of the rear seat occupant.

Although I could not control which headrest dropped, it didn't seem to matter, as both of the boys usually deserved a whack.

My compliments to the engineers at Volvo, for solving one more nasty safety issue.

Alan S.
Northridge, CA

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