Very Special Edition Automobiles

Dear Tom and Ray,

The other night I watched with amusement as Subaru now has aCar--the Forester, I think it was--that is the "L.L. Bean Edition." Ican also recall Lexus associating themselves with Coach (theleather people). I can see what the two companies are gettingto, but I do not see any sense in it! At any rate, sincethey started it, we can take it a bit further. When youthink about it, what would stop us? Here are some thoughts:

Ford Excursion-Greyhound Edition
Lexus 350-Martha Stewart Edition
Ford Focus-Wal-Mart Edition
Honda Insight-Al Gore Signature Series
GMC trucks-Caterpillar Series
Porsche 911-Armani Edition
Ford Grand Marquis-AARP Special
Dodge Caravan-Fisher-Price Edition
GM Suburban-Bush and Cheney Oilmen Special
BMW Z3-Viagra Edition

Love your show,

Julio Culiat
Oak Ridge, TN

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