Used Car Salesman Comes Clean

Okay, I just wrote you to ask you a question about my 1991 MetroGeo convertible. I just could not resist telling you a story about this car. I bought this car in 1995 after selling my 1994 Honda Accord EX. I used to be an emergency room doctor and my husband and I had just bought a home close to my work. I decided it was silly to pay $400-a-month car payments so I sold the Honda. I took the money we had from the sale of the Honda and decided to buy a little, cheap convertible. Okay, so we went looking and in our hunt we pulled into a used-car lot because there was a yellow Mustang convertible. I got out of the car but my husband refused to get out. The salesman comes up and says, "Great little car, that would make you a nice little car to drive."

Well, while my husband is yelling at me, "It's a piece of junk," the salesman gets into the car to start it and it won't start; he couldn't find the jumper cables and continued to say what a nice little car it was.

This salesman was around 50ish, about 100 pounds overweight and chain smoking all the while he tried to start the car. I finally heeded to my husband's yells and left the car lot. Two days later I am sitting at my desk and the nurse comes in to tell me there is a patient to be seen in the cardiac room; a man with chest pain. I walk into the room and there lies the used-car salesman. The first thing that comes out of his mouth is, "Don't buy that Mustang!" No joke.

The nurse looked at me and asked, "Do you know him? "I guess he had some idea that he might be close to meeting his maker and wanted to set the record straight. Either that or he knew I had the jumper cables in this case and he was hopeful I would be able to find them.

He was sent to the cardiologist and underwent open-heart surgery about two days later. This is a poetic lesson for all you used-car salesmen.

Jackie Chollet

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