Two High-Risk Activities

Hey Guys!

I used to think talking on a cell phone and smoking a cigarettewas the ultimate way to seek to remove your genes (and someother random person's genes as well) from the human gene pool.However, I recently had to revise my opinion. I saw someonecombining two of the highest-risk activities on the road. Theguy I saw wasn't smoking, but he wasn't driving a car either.He was driving a motorcycle. And talking on his cell phone.

Think about that for a second. First, it meant he wasn'twearing a helmet, of course. Second, driving a motorcycle(hazardous enough with both hands and a helmet) generallyrequires two hands -- to shift, brake, etc. The only way for himto use both, when needed, was to stick the phone between hisshoulder and his head, bending his neck at an interesting angleto hold it there. Of course, that means he couldn't move hishead to look around -- at precisely the time in driving amotorcycle that he needed to the most.

Now, if only he'd lost his gas cap, and had a rag hanging out ofthe tank...

Yours from just over the event horizon,

Cleveland, OH

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