Turning Emissions into Diamonds

Hey you guys:

Listen to this absolutely great invention. Yesterday I heard discussed on Public Radio International's program "The World," in their technology news section, information on an Australian invention that converts 75-80 percent of the carbon dioxide in car exhaust into water and industrial-grade diamonds. HOLY COW!! Now, I've e-mailed them formore information, but I figure with your clout-and-shout capacities you can find out sooner than me, and also help spread the word, especially since analysis of 33-million-year-old Antarctic ice cores shows carbon dioxide increasing at a 1,000-fold rate faster than ever before--and people of my "green" generation can't buy SUVs fast enough. How 'bout it? Doesn't this merit a bit of discussion on your radio show?!! Maybe diamonds ARE any girl's best friend...environmentally speaking. Thanks.


P.S. Found out more info on the exhaust-to-diamonds thing.

Two scientists, Drs. Elias Siores and Carlos Destifani of the Swinburne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, have invented a device as big as a wine bottle that fits underneath your car (gasoline or diesel) and changes emissions into carbon and water. It is a microwave-emissions converter and heats up the exhaust to 5,000 degrees Kelvin!!! Of course, there is a cooling-down process and, not knowing all the details, I can't explain any more to you. I do know that, to trap all the carbon particles, a changeable filter is put into the exhaust pipe, where the carbon is changed to industrial-grade diamonds.

More than cool, no???? Yes!!!! These guys have a patent on it. The devices convert 90 percent of the emissions in the lab, and it's thought they convert 70-80 percent on the road. More info can be gotten from newscientist.com, or e-mail them at Swinburne. I volunteered to be a test vehicle. Spread the word, so we can improve our gassing and besmirching