Top Meeting Quotes

From: Stephen R. Gibbs, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Avionics
  1. We follow the Serengeti Principle - if it limps, we kill it.
  2. We need to avoid the lure of complexity and embrace the elegance of simplicity.
  3. The longer I've been away from that job, the better I did at it.
  4. If you start a sentence with, "Not to get into too much detail," you are.
  5. If you start a sentence with, "Not to belabor a point," you are.
  6. You bring up a good point that I want to ignore.
  7. We hit a negative homerun.
  8. You can only be the lightning rod so many times before the wiring melts.
  9. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it is an oncoming train.
  10. Our goal is to turn every unplanned event into a planned event.
  11. Keep your friends close and I.T. closer.
  12. We think this is the last in a long line of last issues.
  13. All I see are shotguns on the shore.
  14. I read your emails as often as you read mine.
  15. Correct me if I have a different misunderstanding.
  16. Our strategy is to identify early on who we're going to blame.
  17. I heard some people not clapping.
  18. Think of our organization structure as Darwinian, not Intelligent Design.
  19. The only free cheese is in the trap.
  20. Don't think. Nothing gets done around here when you think.

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