Top 10 Car Make Baby Names of 2005

From: Brooke Wheeler

Hi guys,

I'm an editor at in San Francisco and I thought you might be interested to know that as I was compiling our 2005 BabyCenter Baby Names list (data from more than 320,000 BabyCenter members who had babies in 2005), I came across a number of babies who'd been named after cars (including your fave, Scion):

BabyCenter Top 10 Car Make Baby Names of 2005


  Boys Girls
1 Lincoln Mercedes
2 Royce Lexus
3 Ford Lotus
4 Bentley Chevy
5 Chevy Kia
6 Kia Royce
7 Benz Porsche
8 Scion Infiniti
9 Beemer Chrysla
10 Chrysler [only 9 girl names]

And in case you're interested, on our baby names list Ray is slightly more popular than Tom, but Thomas is far more popular than Raymond. Thomas ranks 49th on our Top 100, but none of the other variations make the cut. Neither Click nor Clack made it onto the list, alas.

Your dedicated fan,

Brooke Wheeler

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