Stealing Your Thunder and Deja vu

From: Edwin R Bolton, Jr.

Recently my car broke down in southern Connecticut. After having it towed, and spending a night in hotel, I called the repair shop to find out the diagnosis. Everything is fine they said come and get it. I suggested that they put some dry gas in and pick me up in a half hour. Ten minutes later I got a phone call from the shop and they said, "We found your problem, after we put the dry gas in, the car wouldn't start. We think it is the ignition control module and crank angle sensor and we always replace them together."

On Monday, June 21st, I listened to the CarTalk show on a NY state station at 1 p.m. Tom and Ray had made the same diagnosis for a similar problem. My question is this, what time did that same show play on a station(s) in Waterbury, Connecticut, on Saturday June 18th ? It was like déjà vu!! I swear they used the same wording and now I wonder if they got the idea from your show first. I would like to think that they fixed the car correctly because of diagnostics and hearing voices from the radio! I can give you the name of the shop and service manager so you guys can get your cut.

Yes, the car ran great since then. Thanks for the help.

Ed from Vermont

[ As Read on Car Talk]