Sheep Who Love Car Talk

From: Zack

Dear Tom and Ray,

I'm a Schwan's driver working in a rural area in Minnesota, and my schedule often keeps me from listening to your show live. However, feeling the need for some auditory punishment, I often have your shows on my Zune playing non stop (I currently have 40 on there).

Such was the case today while visiting one of my customers who raises sheep. As I pulled up, too lazy to shut off my truck and fully expecting she wasn't home (her truck wasn't present), I simply set the hand brake and made my way up to the door, semi-intelligible car advice still audible through the doors. I noted somewhat lazily (then again I do just about everything somewhat lazily) that the sheep were making their way from the pasture through a rather narrow fenced section towards the parking area.

She was home and after taking her order I returned outside to find every single one of the sheep at the front gate all staring at my truck. But it wasn't until I opened the door, letting your voices fully into the air that they all started bleating excitedly. And let me tell you, if you haven't heard this, it sounds exactly like 3 or 4 underpaid voice actors saying "bah." I couldn't stop laughing!

Anyway, for whatever reason, you command great interest from the Minnesota sheep population. Thought you should know.

Zack the Schwan's Man