Sheep Who Love Car Talk

From: Rich Drenga

Hey Guys,

As a package delivery driver in the hills of Western Mass, I drive quite a few miles between stops and you two make that hour fly by. I thank you.

An interesting thing happened last week. You read a letter from a guy who commented on how 'Sheep' seem to enjoy the show. the hills, I deliver to many small farms and after hearing that story I happened to have a package for one of them.

As I handed the customer her box, I turned to go back to my van when I noticed her three sheep walking toward us. I asked her if they always wandered, as I had never seen them out on previous deliveries to her. She said that they were hard to keep contained, but found it strange that they came up so close because they were usually shy with strangers. (You can guess where this is headed!) I had left my door open and could clearly hear you two talking and the three sheep were standing next to the open door, I kid you not. The show then went to commercial and they wandered off back toward the barn.

If I hadn't have seen it, I would not have believed it. I had to tell you, how crazy. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction.


Rich from Becket, Mass.