Sheep and Car Talk: A Research Project

From: Neal

I had much interest with the Schwann's driver that had an experience with gathering sheep upon the audio of "Car Talk". Would the sound of the show be a cause to attract these sheep?

Being an ex-employee of Laughing Sheep Farms in Lincoln, NM, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try. I recorded the latter part of the show, went to the farm, and played the recording to the sheep.

Let's just find out what the audio does to these sheep. I must preface the study with the fact that these sheep live differently than those from the Schwann's encounter. That may be a qualifying issue in the study. But, we aren't studying chaos theory and you've got to start somewhere. As auto mechanics, you understand.

Well, I waited on hold for the entire show to give you the results. . Here's what I found at Laughing Sheep Farm. It is your laughter. After careful observation of the sheep at Laughing Sheep, the laughter of Car Talk is the real attraction of the sheep to the Schwann's driver. There was absolutely no notice by the sheep when there was on-air analysis of a car problem. As soon as a quip, a one-liner, a clever retort was given, a little laughter would ensue. That laughter would perk those little sheep ears up and they would approach the speaker.

I don't know how valuable these results and comments are to you. I guess it would be good information for lonely sheep ranch wannabes in Wyoming.

Maybe we'll talk soon.