For Shame, For Shame!

Bill Cunningham sent the following letter

Dear Click & Clack,

I'll keep it simple, because far too much time has past since this totally demoralizing event has occurred and I believe that the statute of limitations may have expired. However, I cannot believe that you have so shamelessly sold your collective souls to a foreignpower which shall remain rudely nameless. I gag every week at the words "This episode is sponsored by frog-spit wines of Shawn-Yee, Wherever...."I picture dimly lit parking garages where you surreptitiously meet with men in trench coats with big noses who smell of cigarette smoke and garlic, as they give you suitcases filled with cash and cans of used motor oil in exchange for promotional air time and a "new attitude."

It's no wonder that you have adopted the new motto "Unencumbered by the Thought Process"--guys with suitcases filled with money don't need to pass out used T-shirts from Chad's House of Croissants. Guys with suitcases full of money are probably too busy snarfing down platefuls of flaky, overrated pastries to realize that perhaps they have become just as flaky as the callers they so vocally accuse of being flakes.

For shame, for shame, for shame.


P.S. Does Tommy drive the LeCar now, or is that Ray's?

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