The sexiness of parallel parking

From: Iliana

Dear Click and Clack,

My problem isn't a car problem per se, but a more psychological one. I find parallel parking attractive. There... I said it!

I find men that can parallel park well, attractive. I, myself, do it poorly. My father is a master of parallel parking - he does it with one hand, one look, and ends up a perfect quarter-inch from the curb.

My attraction to guys that parallel park wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't gone on second and third dates with guys whose only merit in life was, well, parallel parking.

Now, after years of unsuccessful dating, I've finally found a man I like - a lot. This gentleman is a very good parallel parker, among his other virtues. However, once I mentioned the reason for my attraction to him, he started getting nervous... and now he parks miserably, hitting the curb and requiring 47 maneuvers to get the car in!

So, the question is: Can this relationship be saved?