Settle a Saudi Bet...



Currently deployed to the Saudi desert awaiting orders and your show via short wave and satellite has provided many hours of laughter and sanity. It is so boring here that we have begun catching flies, dyeing their wings with food coloring, and placing bets on which one lands on our c-rations.

Our current C.O. is a mechanical engineer who considers ascrewdriver a deadly assault weapon. We have a pool in the battalion that says the C.O. is incorrect when he says the Boss429 is a Chevrolet motor. The majority of us say it is a Ford muscle motor out of the sixties. Our one thousand dollar pool is the date and time in which you reply on air with the correct answer.

Keep up the good work and don't drive like our C.O.


Craig Mooney
Special Ops
Somewhere in the desert

[ As Read on Car Talk ]