Roadkill Grill Restaurant

Bobbi Lyle sent the following letter:

We have a small local restaurant here in the sticks we'd like you to visit.If you send me your business fax I will forward the menu. The oldRoadkill Grill Restaurant offers:

Tummy Teasers: Chunk of Skunk, 1.95;
Smidgen of Pigeon, 1.95;
Road Toad a la mode, 1.65;
Rigor Mortis Tortoise, 5.25
Bag 'N' Gag: Our Daily Take-Out Lunch Special
--Anything Dead, on Bread

"Eating Food Is More Fun When You Know It Was Hit on the Run"

Center-Line Bovine, 5.95
--Tastes real good straight from the hood.

The Chicken, 4.95
--...That didn't make it across the road.

Flat Cat, 3.95
--Served as a single or in a stack.

Guess That Mess
A Daily Special Treat
If you guess what it is, you eat if for free.

"Our Meat Is So Fresh You Can Still See the Tire Tracks."
Late-Night Delight
"Served Fresh Each Night
--After Dark"
Rack of Raccoon, 3.95
Smear of Deer, 4.95
Cheap Sheep, 2.95

You get the idea.
Love the show!


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