Ride Now, Talk Later

The way your cohorts rant on about mobile phones and automobiles, I thought they might find the attached article from the "Gulf Daily News" (Bahrain, Persian Gulf) interesting.

Horse and Rider Hurt in Crash

Manama: A horse and rider were injured in a road accident in Bahrain yesterday.

Bahraini Yousef Abdulkarean, aged 28, was reportedly talking on his mobile phone when his horse suddenly veered into a passing pick-up.

Mr. Abdulkarean was taken to the Sulmahiya Medical Complex with back injuries.

The horse was badly injured and a vet called to the scene said it would almost certainly have to be put down.

The accident happened as Mr. Abdulkarean was riding towards Jidhafa, along the Sehla Highway. They had just crossed the highway and it is thought the horse stepped to the side and into the passing pick-up.

The impact threw Mr. Abdulkarean, of Jidhafa, to the ground, injuring his back, and left the horse bleeding from severe injuries to his right side and right front leg.

The Bahraini pick-up driver was reportedly unhurt.

Yousef's brother, Aziz, aged 18, said he was speaking to him by mobile phone when the accident happened.

"I was speaking at that time to my brother on the mobile phone and I happened to be nearby, so I rushed to the scene of the accident and called the ambulance," said Aziz.

"I also called a vet to the scene to treat the horse, as it received serious injuries to his right side and leg."

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