Regarding Great Pick-Up Lines


Regarding Great Pick-Up Lines

Dear Brothers,

I've been wanting to write you for years, and finally got the stupidity.

In 1990, I was transferred to Tampa...alone and miserable, I sought companionship at the hot spots, with no luck.

One Sunday afternoon I was in a famous local "wings and beer" place name dafter a certain part of the female anatomy.

While talking with a beautiful young woman, who was sitting next to me at the bar, I mentioned where I was living...Treasure Island!

She suggested that we both drive there, and spend some time at the beach, etc. etc.

She followed me for six miles. We stopped at a light. I was checking radio stations, and found your show. Since you are one of my favorite shows, I got out, ran back to her car, and said, "you have to tune in 94.5 (orwhatever it was)... these guys are the best!"

I didn't get 200 yards after the light turned green when she did a"U-turn," and headed back toward Tampa.

I am eternally grateful. Any woman who doesn't think you guys are funny is not worth spending time matter how desperate I was!


Ray Dankel
Cincinnati, OH 45206

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