The Puzzler's Work Ethic, Questioned

From: Rick Lettau

As I heard on your show a few weeks ago, that the Puzzler is on a "well-deserved" vacation. If my numbers are reasonably close, the Puzzler works about four minutes per show (two, 2 minute segments), and does about 45 shows per year.

If this is correct, it would seem that the Puzzler gets two months of vacation for working three hours per year. I, on the other hand, work about 3000 hours per year and get less than one month of vacation. So, if the Puzzler worked under my contract, he (or she) would have to work about 2000 years before getting a two-month vacation. Obviously, a second option would be for me to adopt the Puzzler's work ethic and take the next 2000 years off.


Rick Lettau
Marble Hill, Missouri