Puzzlers -- Answering the Economic Crisis


Hi Guys:

I have a suggestion about how you can solve the worldeconomic crisis by increasing the number of Puzzlers. Here is howit works.

1. Have more Puzzlers.2. Have more winners.3. Give away more $25 gift certificates to winners.4. Make sure nothing in the Shameless Commerce Division sells forexactly $25.5. Allow winners to contribute unused gift certificates to Clickand Clack's "Solve the World Economic Crisis" Fund.6. Save up the money and give it to all the countries in economictrouble.

If we assume that you give away only one gift certificate eachweek and that winners spend, on average, $23, you couldcontribute $104 per year to solving this problem. If we alsoassume that we need to save up $100 billion to solve thisproblem, it would take roughly 1 billion years to save up enoughmoney.

However, if you started having two Puzzlers per week, you couldsave the world in 500 million years--500 million years soonerthan with only one Puzzler per week. Wow!

Some might say that 500 million years is too long to wait tosolve this problem, but I would argue that at least you are doingsomething, which is more than most can say.

What do you think?

Doug Redding
Marblehead, MA


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