The Puzzler Speaks!


Tony Staley, Green Bay, Wis. sent the following letter

Dear Tom and Ray,

The Puzzler has asked me to give you this message:

He's leaving you to accept a better offer from Will Shortz. He's tired of the crummy material you give him and the way you make fun of him. Will Shortz has promised not only to give him better material, but to help syndicate him. Plus--no offense to NPR--but the glamour of the New York Times far exceeds the glamour of you two guys--if indeed "glamour" is an appropriate word to use in connection with Click and Clack (these were the Puzzler's words, not mine).

But the biggest factor in his decision, the Puzzler said, was that Will Shortz promised to introduce him to Liane Hansen and Susan Stamberg.

He also hinted that he might not leave you shortz-hansened if from now on you refer to the Puzzler as "One of the Great Mysteries of the Modern World."

I hope I have been of some service in patching up your misunderstandings. After all, if Hillary could forgive Bill and stay with him, the Puzzler shouldn't have too much trouble forgiving you guys and sticking with you....Well, maybe not.

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