The Pope's 10 Commandments of the Road

The Pope's 10 Commandments of the Road

From: Linda Shepard Salzer

Got a road commandment of your own you'd like to suggest? Share it here.

Here are a few we would have included:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Lexus.

Thou shalt never combine convertibles and combovers.

Thou shalt not take thy rental car to Mexico.

Thy horsepower shalt not exceed thy I.Q.

Honor thy service intervals.

Thou shalt not ride thy clutch.

If thou are going to pick thine nose, for Christ's sake, make sure no one's looking.

Honor thy mechanic's boat payment due date, and keep it holy.

Thou shalt not lie, cheat, steal, or attempt to sell undercoating.

Thou shalt not return thy brother's car on empty.

Feed thy meter, except on the Sabbath, lest thee suffer the eternal boot.

Thou shall handle lit cigars with care, lest thee find refuge near your loins.

Thou shalt not combine dialing and driving, lest thou mortal coil be wrapped around an unholy bridge abutment.

Thy middle finger shall only be used in conjunction with thy index finger, to indicate "peace."

Blessed are the Prii, for they shall inherit the earth.

Thou shall keepeth thy 17-year-old son bound to the slowest and ugliest 1979 Volvo which hath presenteth itself on the list of craig.

Thou shalt not drive like my brother.

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