The Perils of Cigars in Pipes

From: George Kotjarapoglus

Dear Tom and Ray:

You mentioned the excitement when a hot ash dropped in your lap. My experience was even worse. When I worked at a cigar store, a regular customer would smoke his cigars, and when they were too small to smoke, he would insert the remainder in his pipe.

I thought that was a neat idea. So one day, I got a brand-new, king Edward cigar, lit it up, and put it in my pipe and began puffing away on it as I was driving my old Desoto home. I decided to take off my jacket, so I started to twist and turn to get it off. As I arched my back upward to get my arms out of the sleeves, the ash head of the cigar hit the ceiling liner, broke off, and dropped down and inside my shirt.

Heat and panic set in, and I started to vigorously slap my chest trying to put out the ash. As I was doing my Tarzan imitation, I jumped the curb onto the sidewalk. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But no more cigars in pipes... ever again.

George Kotjarapoglus
Murrysville, PA