Pat calls Tom and Ray on the carpet.

From: Pat Davis

Bowling Ball vs. Lincoln

The reason I am writing is because I feel you have a really big chance at holding theear of America! No pun intended.

I am the grandmother of a 10-month-old boy and very concerned with the input of info for his future-as are his parents (my daughter). His grandfather, greatgrandfather, and uncle (my son)...we were all raised to strictly take responsibility for their actions...and still have a good time...I was disappointed that you did not encourage this lady to "laugh it off" and take responsibility for her actions.

We are in a society that is becoming addicted to shoving responsibility or blame...and this particular situation goes even further...into someone's pocket...WHY should someone else pay for your mistake?? If they are aware and want to pay...OKAY...the way I was raised and have raised my kids...this is CHEATING.

Please give me your thoughts on this. I am struggling with my grandson getting MIXED MESSAGES. My kids are 32 and 34 and have struggled with this growing up.

Anxiously awaiting your reply. I hope you can explain to your public. I want to enjoy your show, however, this lack of standard is troubling. Thank you.

Pat Davis

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