Old Dart, New Dart

Tom and Ray Compare the New Dodge Dart to Tommy’s Old 1963 Dodge Dart
New Dart: Excellent fuel economy-- reportedly near 40-miles-per gallon. 
Old Dart: Forced Tommy to use public transportation at least three times a week.
New Dart: Sophisticated, high-tech navigation system.   
Old Dart: Never needed navigation in his old Dart, ‘cause everybody told Tommy where to go… if you catch our drift.
New Dart: A real conversation starter at gas stations.  
Old Dart: A conversation starter, too—conversations usually started with, “Is your mechanic on duty?”
New Dart: Provides a real sense of security with ten airbags.  
Old Dart: The metal dashboard on the old Dart was a constant reminder of how short and sweet life could be.
New Dart: Has an electronic info-tainment system built into the dash.
Old Dart: Never needed one of those because the dash was big enough to play hopscotch on. 

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