An Objet D'Art

What should you do with the now demolished Dart? The very formof the question ignores the gloriously transcendental potentialinherent in the hunk of metal now banished forever from thehighways and byways, for in those crucial seconds of the Dart'sencounter with snowplow and ambulance, it was released from themerely functional and lifted to that higher plane to which we allaspire: the realm of purity and perfection. It has transformedfrom a Dodge Dart to an objet D'art.

The two suggestions proferred on last week's show--that ofpaperweight and shrine--both seek to keep the Dart yoked toutility, but the Dart now fully qualifies as art, an object thatexists solely for contemplation and inspiration. It points tonothing beyond itself, but exudes its own essence from everywrinkle of metal and shard of glass. The only thing you should dowith the Dart is display it in a place where the masses canponder the mystery its very Dartness, can lose their dailyconcerns in aesthetic appreciation of its dramatization of thepassage from machine to magnificence, from mortality toimmortality. Send the Dart around the country as a travelingexhibition in the fine-arts galleries of local dealershipseverywhere. We will flock, and the Dart will be glorified.

Amy Reading
(as in reading a book, which is what I should bedoing instead of messing around on your Web site)
New York, NY

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