Nuvo-Etymology Department

Courtesy of the Merriam Webster Open Dictionary
Here's the full list.

caroma (noun) : The interior smell of a new automobile. (That "new car" smell)
When we opened the car door at the auto dealership, the caroma overtook us.

Phooey Vuitton (noun) : a substandard, counterfeit Louis Vuitton product
As my mom walked down the street with her brand new Louis Vuitton, she was horrified to see all of the ghastly Phooey Vuittons out there trying to impersonate her designer bag.

permafat (noun) : the last few pounds of weight that a dieter just can't seem to lose.
He's still dieting but not losing weight, it must be permafat.

netflux (noun) : the time period between home-delivered DVD's
During prolonged periods of netflux, we watch more sports on TV.

narcleptomaniac (noun) : A person who habitually steals others' sleep.
At the tender age of one month, our daughter's nocturnal tendencies has established her as an accomplished narcleptomaniac.

monk-cap (noun) : A bald spot that is perfectly round on the top of a dude's head, making him appear to be wearing a monk's cap or even a yarmulke.
Look at the dude with the monk-cap going on!

Mallzheimer's Syndrome (noun) : The inability of a shopper to remember where they have parked in a shopping center parking lot.
After a long day of holiday shopping, Jane emerged from the mall only to be confronted with Mallzheimer's Syndrome and had to walk for blocks looking for her car.

sandboni (noun) : a vehicle used on beaches to smooth sand
We were enjoying a wonderful sunrise on the beach until the sandboni came driving through the view.

rhinotillexomania (noun) : habitual or obsessive nose picking

wuzband (noun) : a former husband; an ex-husband
Rather than use the term ex-husband I call him my wuzband.

fritterati (noun): group of people who fritter away precious resources...
The fritterati are wasting our resources recklessly.

nagivator (noun) : a bossy person who rides in the passenger seat and gives directions to the driver
My father always drove the car on family vacations, and my mother was the nagivator.

freudenschade (noun) : dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or pain as the result of someone else's good fortune
When Bob won the lottery, the others felt great freudenschade at his good fortune.

phonesia (noun) : the inability to remember who you were calling on the telephone when someone answers the phone
I must have had phonesia when I called you last night.