The NPR Cafe


I have come up with the money-making idea of the century and wanted to give you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

In recent years there has been a rash of new theme restaurants, most having some sort of entertainment theme. There are restaurants with a sports theme, rock-and-roll theme, Motown theme, Hollywood theme, country theme, even NASCAR theme--but one segment of the entertainment industry is conspicuously absent. That's where I came up with my idea: the NPR Cafe.

There are still a few obstacles to this. Where the Hard Rock Cafe has rock-and-roll memorabilia and Planet Hollywood has movie memorabilia, the only NPR memorabilia I can think of are coffee mugs and tote bags. I am also having trouble thinking of cute names for menu items. So far all I have is the Nina Totenburger and the Sylvia Paggioli Ravioli. Being two clever people, I figured you could help with this.

Now here's the best part: all food at the NPR Cafe will be free! Instead of charging, every few minutes the waiters andwaitresses will come around to the tables and pester people for donations.

Thanks for listening--love the show.

Best wishes,

Mike Ramsey

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