New Butt Measurement Methodology: Octaves

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May 25, 1999

Dear Gentlemen,

I tuned into your program a little late last week and just caught the tailend of your discussion of butt measurements. Since I couldn't get throughby phone, I'm writing to let you know that there is another mode ofmeasurement which may be superior to any others.

Actually, my older brother should get the credit, for it was he, when wewere youngsters, who demonically thrust me back against the piano keyboardand measured my buttocks (the proper term) in octaves, or portions thereof.

Little did he realize then that in his attempt to ridicule his littlesister, he would become the creator of the be-all and end-all of buttmeasurement methodology.

This should be especially appreciated by music lovers everywhere.


Marjorie Hazeltine
Millersville, PA

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