Names of Horses Expected to Have Undistinguished Careers

From Mike Richardson-Bryan

Courtesy of Yankee Pot Roast

Average at Best
Ayn Rand's Condescending Sigh
Buyer's Remorse
Cloud of Suspicion
Colic the Wonder Horse
Daddy Drinks Because I'm Slow
Exit Strategy
Fond of Long Naps
For the Love of God Run Faster
Glued Lightning
Hell Is Other Horses
I Have No Son
Limp to Victory
Low Expectations
Luck o' the Amish
Pride of Two Guys with No Business Owning a Horse
Shoulda Bought a Monkey
Slim to None
Some Budding Young Actress's Fit of Pique
Squeak of Defiance
Stupid Gypsy Curse
This Is Your Horse on Drugs
Torpor Unbound
Tipsy McStumble
Undisguised Contempt for All Things French
War Criminal