My Wife

From: Ceasar Choppy

I have a question... I suspect my wife is having an affair. All the tell-tale signs. She has started going out with the "girls" a lot. But when I ask who she always avoids the answer, saying "Oh just friends from the office." She always walks down our driveway when she returns, rather than getting the taxi to drop her off at the door. Yet I can hear a car pulling away. The other day I picked up her cell phone, wanting to know the time. She yelled at me never to touch her cellphone, and "Why was I always checking up on her?!" I guess I have avoided the issue, not wanting to face up to it. But last night I decided to find out for sure. I crouched behind our car, and waited for her return. Whilst crouching I noticed rust in the wheel arch of our car.

So my question is... should I buy a rust repair compound kit, or should I take it to a bodywork repair specialist?

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