An MG Dating Faux Pas

From: Bob Manning

OK, Here's a story I should have sent to you years ago: During college days, mid-60s, in Indiana, I was a passenger in my frat brother's beater car, a 1952 MGTD. We were on Route 31, a straight highway, doing 55 mph, when he pulled the steering wheel off its post and handed it to me while saying, "Here, hold this for a bit." I freaked and tried to give it back to him. We traveled at speed at least five minutes before he agreed to put the wheel back where it lived and did so whilst laughing loudly. He later told me that the car pulled slightly to the right and if he touched the brakes it pulled to the left, so he could in essence steer on a straight road for a while. Much laughter ensued.

About a month later, I had borrowed the car for a "hot" date with a Miss Teenage America runner-up. We travelled the same road, and I thought as humor was the great relationship starter I would do the steering wheel trick on her. I handed it to her and asked her to hold this for a while. She went nuts. The car tracked straight for about a minute and began to drift to the right, so I tapped the brakes and it went further to the right. Now, I panicked and tried to grab the wheel from this hysterical girl. In a very short while we were off the road mowing down a half an acre of corn before coming to a stop.

She replaced the wheel and asked me to take her home. Further words were never spoken. Upon returning the car to its owner, I told the story which created throngs of laughter and an explanation: He had the brakes fixed. Never again!