Marital Trickery

From: Kathleen Bradsher

Dear Car Talk,

My husband and I listen every week to your show in Germany on the AFN network. As we wait an entire week to hear the show, we were appalled by the wasted air time debating an obvious answer to one of this week's questions. It was from a wife who wanted to destroy her perfectly good car in order to convince her husband to buy her a new vehicle. Instead of the lame (and unsophisticated) answers from Click and Clack, there was one obvious way to handle the situation (see the following sentence). The wife should have approached her husband and said, "Honey, I have always had this fantasy of you and me in the back of a (insert year, make, model, color, and accessory package of desired car here)." I expect that she would have the car within the week, and there would be one less phone call to a radio marriage (or car) talk show. Feel free to use this line (altered as needed) for most of your other calls concerning couples!


Kathleen Bradsher