The Many Benefits of Car Talk

From: Eugene

I am writing to thank you for the humongous favor your show has recently done for me. A few days ago, a skunk burrowed a hole under my porch. What's worse is that spring is mating season, and five to eight baby skunks are born at a time, and then are nurtured by mom for up to two months. Now, I love nature as much as the next guy, but I wanted this skunk family a little further from my house.

Anyway, after unsuccessfully trying various traditional remedies to dislodge the skunk, I decided that loud human voices might make this location less welcoming. So I took a radio, and put it right next to the hole.

As luck would have it, your show was just beginning. To my astonishment, the skunk fled at the first sounds of your laughter.

Congratulations! Your show has done to the poor animal what spraying the entrance with a boiled mixture of cayenne pepper, jalapeno, onion and garlic, and then stuffing the hole with an ammonia-imbued rug could not do. You guys are amazing!