Mango Memories and Ray in the Wrong

Dear Tom and Ray,

I have been listening to your show since August of 1998. And I must say that it is very possibly the best radio show I have ever heard. Aside from actually giving advice to people that help them with their cars (well, helps them most of the time), you guys are also incredibly funny. I loved the show when you guys read excerpts from Elementary School tests, and Tom compared his wife to looking like a truck. That was hilarious.

But there is a favorite show of mine. It has to do with the Mango Puzzler. Ray might remember this one. The show aired a couple of shows after Ray gave the answer as: "You can't do it unless the answer is 2." And then that one guy wrote in explaining how there were other answers. And during that show, you played this tape of Ray saying his answer in sort of a God-like echo over and over. That is my all-time favorite episode. I was laughing so hard that I was almost crying. I just wanted to compliment you guys on a show well done. I love listening to Car Talk each week. Keep up the good work.


From South Lake Tahoe and attending CSUS-Sacramento

P.S. If you mention this on the air, could you say, "Hi," to the Laboratory at South Tahoe Public Utility District for me? Thanks.