The Lincoln - and the Rattlesnakes

A story about reusing cars

From: Hoppy Hopkins

A long, long time ago...way back in the 1900s...a friend had a Lincoln Mark something-or-other that was a bit long of tooth. He traveled for his job and this Lincoln was his "airport car." That is to say, it was the car he would drive to the airport where it would patiently wait in the sweltering Texas sun until it carried him back home when he returned from his trip. Then one day on the drive home, the transmission came unwound and the car completed its last trip behind a wrecker. Of course, the cost of repairs far exceeded the value of the car, so a different "airport car" replaced it. And there the old Lincoln sat neglected, behind the barn where the wrecker dropped it.

Then one day my friend got a brainstorm. The motor ran fine and everything else worked... Why not use it for a deer blind? It was roomy, the heater, defroster and windshield wipers all worked... along with the electric windows and he had put new mufflers on it just before it quit so it was real quiet.

With the help of his tractor, he towed it out in the pasture, put it up on blocks, pulled the wheels and tires, removed the steering wheel (to get it out of his way), filled the tank and gleefully anticipated opening day. He was going to fill his freezer in style!

The appointed Saturday finally arrived and he walked to his re-commissioned Lincoln Deer Blind through the pre-dawn frost. He settled into the leather seat, set his coffee on the console, and turned the key. The Lincoln responded and smoothly idled while the defroster started to work on the windshield. With the frost melted and the windshield wiped clean, he switched from defrost to heat and sipped his coffee in increasing comfort while waiting for the sun.

Then he heard it. An unmistakable, heart-stopping noise... a sound capable of striking fear into the hearts of most who have ever heard it... the buzz of a disgruntled rattlesnake. But not just one. When the buzzing started, it was taken up by a chorus of a dozen or more! They had snuggled in under the front seat to hibernate for the winter and the heater was thawing them out!

My friend pushed the button opening the sunroof and bailed out! He hit the ground running and didn't venture back to investigate until the car had run out of gas and everything had frozen again!

Hoppy Hopkins
Fredericksburg, TX