Letters from Kids

Dear Tom and Ray:

Some of my 8th grade students recently completed a radio-broadcasting unit. Most days we spent the first 15 minutes of class listening and responding to various broadcasters and formats. I thought you might be interested in a few of their journaled impressions of Car Talk.

Dana Engstrom
Northfield Middle School
Northfield, MN

"I thought the Car Talk show was the best show we listened to in class. When those two guys started talking it was funny because they talk about nothing." (Josh)

"Bill (sic) and Ray were funny in a stupid way. They were laughing at things - I don't know what - but I was laughing with them for some strange reason. I thought the show was good, but I wouldn't want to listen to them on a road trip or just for fun. I might listen to them while going to work." (Stacy)

"I like their voices. I don't want to see them because I just like listening to their voices. Seeing them might ruin it." (Emily)

"I liked Car Talk. I think the show is a good idea because people like listening to idiots." (Seth)

"I thought it was funny to hear Tom and Ray talk from a mechanic's point of view, like telling the lady with brake problems she should always compliment her mechanic and bring him baked goods. They talk like real mechanics." (Nick)

"I like the format of the show. It keeps your attention but doesn't involve much thought." (Karsten)

"I had no clue what they were laughing about, because it wasn't funny to me, but it must be hard to be funny and informational all the time." (Ally)

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